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Another post in the “sales during a pandemic” series.

The number of data sources is growing. This fact is confirmed by the marketers surveyed in the Salesforce report.

Marketers’ average number of data sources has grown by 20% since 2017

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To create a better picture of the customer, marketers use a plethora of data sources. These include: email open rates, social networks, and demographic data – such as what generation a person belongs to. Please note that we are talking about a single person who belongs to a specific group, and not a specific group to which, for example, the advertisement is addressed. The difference is huge, because despite the fact that the potential client is a “Millennial”, he can show completely different personality qualities, and only slightly fit into the image of a typical “Millennial”. This is how the individual approach to the client manifests itself.

The appetite grows while eating, so as the supply of data increases, so does the demand. Companies wanting to get to know their customers better devise new ways to obtain data that will be used in the future to create more tailored, individual offers.

CRM help to unify data from different sources. Importantly, some of them – such as Salesforce, can be integrated to almost any system.

A good CRM system allows you to create a unified image of your client by combining information from various sources in one place, automatically.

Along with the increase in the number of sources from which data come from, the problem of putting them together into one coherent picture grows. The data from the Salesforce report clearly shows such an increase. In order to be able to get sense of the data that companies gather, it becomes necessary to use tools that facilitate the whole process. It becomes impossible for a human being to comprehend all the available information to make a good decision.

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