Multicolumn in Screen Flow

Probably many people using Screen Flow, where fields to be filled in by users are displayed, would like to sort the fields in more than 2 columns, now it is possible thanks to the latest Spring’21 Release in Salesforce. 

Going straight to the details, we will show you where to find and how to use this functionality.

By creating a Screen Flow in Salesforce and adding a Screen Element, the Edit window will open.

In this window with Screen Components, drag and add to the edit field Section (Beta) 1. Then, using the Add Comuns 3 button, we add columns to our section.Remember to set the visibility of items to Always 4. Now all you have to do is add components to the 5 individual columns, name them and save.

The finished view is shown below. We save it in this form. 

Checking if the element is displayed in the correct form, click on Run and we should see this view.

That’s all in this short post, we hope you found the information useful.

The ME PL team.

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