New Year? It’s time for a CRM system!

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Perhaps you have been thinking about implementing a CRM system at your company for some time and you do not know if it is the right time, or whether can you afford it, or do you really need CRM? Maybe you are familiar with Salesforce, but you think it is a tool only for large companies? In this post, we will help you determine if you really need CRM.

The New Year has begun for good. New Years is the best time to make changes. Although the plans and budgets for 2022 have been made a long time ago, nothing stands in the way of implementing a CRM system in your company, making your daily work easier and becoming more effective.

In this post, we will refer you to a few articles on our blog, which will not only help you better understand what Salesforce CRM is, but also help you determine whether now is the right time to implement it at you company. If the answer is “yes, I should implement CRM at my company”, which provider should you choose?

First of all, what CRM is?

If you are familiar with the concept of CRM, but still not sure how to use it an what can you gain, we will try to explain in one sentence: CRM systems (Customer Relationship Managemnet) are – as the name suggests, an IT tool, that will help nurture relationships with your customers. The customer relationship management system is a well-organized database that safely stores all the necessary information in one place, accessible to authorized persons. Salesforce gives you a lot more possibilities, but that’s not about it. More about what CRM is here.

What Salesforce is?

ME PL Solution Salesforce CRM
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Salesforce is the largest provider of the most advanced CRM solutions in the World. Salesforce has been trusted by over 150,000 companies from all over the World, which gives it an absolute advantage on the market. CRM from Salesforce is an extremely flexible tool that can be successfully adapted to the needs of your company. More about what Salesforce is here.

Which provider and why Salesforce?

There are many reasons why Salesforce is the best possible choice when it comes to a CRM service provider, and it is impossible to list them all in one short post. Salesforce is the largest, most technologically advanced provider of CRM services in the World. This is confirmed by the number of customers who trusted Salesforce. Salesforce cares about being up-to-date with the rapidly changing market. Three updates a year are the best proof of this. What’s more, Salesforce does not require the installation of new updates – everything takes place in a secure cloud. We mentioned security. Salesforce places great emphasis on the security of the stored data in accordance with the regulations on how to store the data required in most countries. You can read more about why Salesforce here.

Is CRM from Salesforce only for the big business?

No. Salesforce in its wide range of services also has solutions designed for small and micro companies. Salesforce Essentials meets the expectations of small businesses, while being an affordable solution even for micro companies. You can read more about Salesforce Essentials here.

Make your work easier thanks to automation

Automating tedious, time-consuming processes is a real salvation. This applies to saving time, energy and the efficiency of performed activities. Both small and larger companies will gain a lot of time and energy that can be spent on things that are really important. You can read more about the benefits of automating business processes here.


Grow sales with Salesforce!

There is no sale without building good, lasting relationships. CRM was created with sales in mind. In his numerous contacts, the seller is forced to remember everything. We are only human – we forget, we make mistakes. The CRM system is to protect us from this by making us more effective. Read more here.


CRM from Salesforce is also a great tool for carrying out various types of marketing campaigns. With CRM from Salesforce, you will not only create and conduct a marketing campaign, you will also receive reports that will help you better understand the market and plan more effective marketing campaigns in the future. Read more here.

Customer Service

Customer service has gained more recognition recently. Thanks to the CRM system, your clients will feel understood and will be treated in an individual way. Today, customer service department has become a kind of first line in building a positive image of the company. Read more here.

Remote work

The end of the pandemic is not in sight. The wave is chasing the wave and it can be expected that the situation will continue in the near future. Restrictions due to new strains and waves of the virus may force us to return home, where we will be forced to do our work. CRM from Salesforce is a tool with which we can successfully create an environment for remote work. More about how Salesforce allows you to work remotely here.

A few words more..

CRM from Salesforce is, above all, a platform thanks to which you will be able to better understand your business and its environment. Business is numbers, so having the right analytical tools that will allow you to better understand the situation of your company and customers is the first step on the way to making better future decisions.

If you want to check how Salesforce CRM can help you grow your business, contact us today. A short conversation can have a significant impact on the development of your company. Remember that Salesforce is a tool for any company – regardless of size. Salesforce Essentials is suitable for the needs of most small and micro businesses.

If you already have CRM from Salesforce and wondering how you can get even more out of it, please also contact us. Our certified Salesforce Specialists will be happy to advise you on what to do to achieve even better results.

We also encourage you to follow our blog, where we regularly publish CRM content about Salesforce – and more. The ME PL Solution blog is the largest CRM knowledge base from Salesforce available in Poland.

ME PL Solution is an official Salesforce partner. We design, implement, advise and train in the use of dedicated CRM systems based on the latest Salesforce technology.

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