Polish National Independence Day

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Today, the whole Country is celebrating independence – we are celebrating too!

ME PL Solution wishes everyone a Happy Independence Day! Let this day make us reflect on the word “freedom” and on the fact that what once gained does not have to be permanent.

Freedom is a word that is very close to us and deeply rooted in the culture of our company. We try to remember about it every day and and make sure that each employee feels that, despite the obligations and certain rules, He or She has almost unlimited freedom in fulfilling them.

ME PL Solution Team wishes all our Countrymen in the Country and abroad a sense of freedom and living according to their own values.

For those who are not familiar with the Polish history, and want to know more with their free will, we paste a link to Wikipedia, where one can find brief description of why National Independent Day is soo important for Us.

National Independence Day (Poland)

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