Possibilities of Autolaunched Flow

Salesforce Flow is an out-of-the-box tool that is getting more and more popular within Salesforce Administrators and Consultants. One of the reasons for that is the fact that it offers a lot of functionalities, which often are not possible with other automation tools. Today, let’s take a closer look at one of the types of Flows: Autolaunched Flow without Trigger.

What is Autolaunched Flow?

The main characteristic of Autolaunched Flows is that they don’t need User interaction, because they can be triggered automatically based on some criteria or situations. Actions are performed in the background without User knowing. 

What is the trigger if there is ‘No trigger’?

Other Autolaunched Flows can be triggered when a record is created or updated, when a platform event occurs or at a specified time and frequency. When it comes to No Trigger Autolaunched Flow we can accessed it from other places:

  • Processes
  • Custom Apex classes
  • Flow Orchestrator (Beta)
  • Web tabs
  • Custom buttons or custom links
  • Visualforce pages

What can you do?

In Flow Builder you can see what kind of Elements you can use in this type of Flow. For sure you won’t be able to use here a Screen Element which is typical for Screen Flows but you can use Pause element which, on the other hand, is not available in the Screen Flows. Most importantly, Autolaunched Flows allow you to Get, Create, Update and Delete Records. 

Get Records element is used to specify on which records (from which object) you want to perform changes. You can filter records if you specify conditions.

With the Create Records element you can create new records with values from the flow. Later you could distribute this flow with a Custom Button that will have a Content Source set to ‘URL’. When User clicks this button a flow is launched and it creates new records in the background.

Updating records is also possible with Autolaunched Flow but unlike Process Builder, it also allows you to Delete Records. As mentioned earlier, you can call the flow form the Process Builder by choosing Flows as Action Type:

Possibilities of Salesforce Flows are still growing so don’t wait and try to use Flows more often!

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