Post Code database with administrative division

Do you use the zip code database in your business and need them in any format or grouped by locality, community, district, province.

Like zip codes with full administrative division.

Are you looking for a complete and correctly formatted list of postcodes from Poland to update your data?

Check out what we are offering.

Post Code database with administrative division

We provide

Access to the current and complete database 

Postal Codes with full administrative subdivision into:

  • Localities → Communities→ Districts →  Provinces 
  • In the most popular formats Excel, CSV, PDF, Google Sheet.

Covering the area of all Poland.

Post Code database with administrative division


Except access to the Post Code database with administrative division. We perform data segregation according to your expectations.

In order to present our offer, we will provide some basic solutions that may interest you.

  • Grouping Postal Codes for a particular locality, community, district or province.
  • Comparing and updating your code database.
  • Extracting from a list of thousands of records that interest you.
  • Segregate repeated locality names in your database.

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