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Another post based on articles and data from the Salesforce website.

In today’s post, we will look at the evolution of the labor market and how it is performed by the majority of people who do office work.

A year has passed since the “first wave of the pandemic”. We have already got used to performing our duties related to work from the comfort of our home, which also became our office during working hours. Some still do their work from the office – it all depends on the specifics of the industry and the scope of duties. The aim of these actions is to limit direct contact and try to stop the further spread of the virus. It is not surprising that both governments, company authorities and employees themselves are looking for solutions that minimize the risk of contracting the virus. The question you should ask yourself is: when this is all over, will we go back to the offices?

The answer to this question is a bit like reading tea leaves, although so far numerous studies have been executed based on surveys conducted among employees and employers. Some of the respondents admitted that when the pandemic is over, they would still like to do their work from home. It is not surprising – commuting to work takes a lot of time, inhabitants of metropolises and large cities know about it. It turns out that most, if not all, responsibilities can be successfully performed from home. Even the most rigid organizations, such as municipal offices (at least here in Poland), where some employees were also forced to work remotely, have found out about it.

Flex work seems to be a good solution, where on certain days or weeks the employee performs his duties from home or in the office. The majority of respondents support this solution. The least of the respondents are in favor of returning to offices and working in a traditional way. It is known that some of the employees will want to work from the office. It is very likely that these people will take care of the work that has to be done on site. Employees and employers are well aware of the fact that there are activities that must be performed in the office, such as keeping records, archiving documents, signing important documents and receiving traditional mail. Activities for people who will still want to work in the office will not run out.

Progressing digitization may, however, mean that in the near future, sending letters by traditional mail will be almost completely abandoned, and the archiving of documents will also be done digitally. It is very easy to imagine this scenario today.

Most companies will be forced to join the digital movement. If all the documents they receive are sent and digitally signed, there will be no need to store tons of paper – it will benefit everyone, the environment, nature and, finally, we humans.

Nowadays, even the most resistant employees can easily imagine such a scenario that is happening in our eyes today. There is a high probability that having an IT system to manage the company and perform the activities will turn out to be an absolute necessity. Today, most of the companies use the latest solutions to perform their daily duties.

Is your company ready for such a scenario? Do you have the appropriate technology to enable your employees to perform their duties from their homes?

If not, the answer to the above questions is CRM from Salesforce. Why? Because it is reliable, safe, fast, it is constantly developing and keeping up with the market needs! If you use CRM solutions in your company, ask yourself the following questions: am I satisfied with the solution I use? Is it intuitive? Is it easy to adjust to my constanly changing needs?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “no“, consider switching your CRM provider! In an easy, fast and pleasant way, you can implement a CRM system from Salesforce, which will be tailored to your needs and expectations!

As an official Salesforce partner, we will be happy to help you with this! We design, implement and train your employees to use a dedicated CRM system in your company! Contact us today and join the global digital revolution happening before our eyes!

Grow with Salesforce!

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