Postal Codes with Administrative Division with data formatting

How to easily organize and update shipping data, including Postal Codes and the administrative division of the country?

Mail order companies, real estate businesses, or mail frequently. They need an up-to-date and accurate database with addresses related to the locality, community, district and province.

Postal Codes with Administrative Division

Based on a solution for one of our clients, we will show you how to manage the data.

Poland is administratively divided into locality, community, district and province.

In order to adapt the system to Polish conditions. We needed a list of all towns and their full address details.

There was a question whether such information is available anywhere on the web. After a few moments with the search engine, we managed to obtain a full address database. However, its form was not adapted to further work. This is what our programmers did. 

The corrected data was as follows:

Country → Province → Commune → Postal Code→ locality

Column E contains all postal codes from a given locality.

Postal Codes with Administrative Division

Larger Cities had several or even several hundred postal codes. We needed to collect them all in one cell for a specific city or village in order to enable our client to associate the city with a postal code.

To solve this problem, we have written Python code, one of the advantages of which is that it does not require a compiler to work properly.

By writing the code, we saved several hundred hours of searching over 100,000 records and organizing them properly. Moreover, the computer does not make mistakes, so this item has been eliminated 100%.

Localities with the same name, from the same commune, district and province, required direct interference. However, there were only a few of them and our program itself marked these records.

Based on the experience gained during the projects, we offer services in the field of data analysis and adjustment to the individual needs of the company.

If you would like to consult on data management in your company, please contact us.

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