Quick Actions with Macros – how tu update record by Macros

Macros in Salesforce are a solution that helps users work with records on all standard objects except Campaign.

You can find out how Macros support users in their daily work by clicking on this link, where we have described all the functionalities in detail.

The topic of this article is how to update information on records using Macros? For this purpose, we will have to use Quick Actions.

What are Macros and Quick Actions and how to create them? I refer you to our previous articles, where we discussed these issues in detail.

In order to change the value in a selected field in Macros, we need to use Quick Actions and with their use we can edit the record.

If we have already created Macros and Quick Actions for the selected object, we can go to the edition of the selected Macros and add Quick Actions, as presented here.

The photo below shows the ability to edit fields using Quick Actions, added to the instructions in Macros.

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