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Another post in the “sale in times of pandemic” series!

Perhaps we should start the series with this topic..

The new reality forces companies to change their approach to the standard work system in which employees come to the office. Fear of contagion, new restrictions or simple human concern for another human being make us change our habits. Many employers have been forced to find new ways in which their employees perform their duties. Remote work is one of the most popular.

Regardless of whether employees work in a remote or hybrid formula – in which they alternately come to the office for a few days and work from home for a few days, organizing remote work environment is key.

Experts have long said that remote work is the future, and even after the threat of virus infection has passed, remote work will still apply to most companies.

There are many benefits of organizing a remote work environment. Lower costs of renting office space, greater availability of employees, increased productivity, fewer sick leaves, reduced employee turnover, increased job satisfaction – just to name a few.

Companies planning to implement tools that will allow the organization of remote work should consider what exactly they need to ensure that their employees who are not in the office still can perform their job. The most frequently mentioned tool set includes: video conferences, tools for safe files and documents sharing, or a CRM system, which usually has everything you need for remote work. We will not even mention mobile phones and access to e-mail – it is obvious.

Salesforce has it all! With Salesforce, you do not have to give up on tools that have worked well so far, and with which you are satisfied with. Let’s take Google G Suite as an example. With Salesforce you can easily integrate your CRM with Google G Suite! Salesforce integration with Google G Suite not only allows you to easily work in an environment that you know and understand well, it also allows you to work in sync with your CRM system without installation of additional software! CRM from Salesforce works in the advanced cloud technology, which means no software needed on your employees’ private devices! Additionally, you can easily integrate any other clients communication channels with your CRM system from Salesforce!

Check what Salesforce can do for you! Contact us today and create a safe and reliable environment for remote work in your company!

As an official Salesforce partner, we will be happy to advise you on how to do it. A few minutes of conversation will allow you to assess the potential benefits and take you to the middle of the digital revolution that is taking place today in almost every corner of the World!

Grow with Salesforce!

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