Report Inline Editing – Salesforce summer’21 release

Another summer novelty that the Salesforce update brought us is the ability to edit fields in records directly in the Report.

This saves time when you want to improve some value by reviewing the data with the report. Thanks to this improvement, we will not have to open each record separately in a new tab, which can be cumbersome when it comes to editing more records.

This solution is currently in beta phase and if we want to have it now, we need to contact Salesforce support to enable this functionality.

If Inline Editing in Reports has been enabled, just go to the system settings and enter Reports and Dashboards Settings in the configuration search…

…When going to a new window, check the box next to Enable Inline Editing in Reports (Lightning Experience only).

In this way, we have enabled the ability to edit records directly in the report.

Now let’s see how it looks in practice.

By opening the report and seeing the pencil symbol, we can edit the value in the field and click Save to save the changes.

Some of the fields cannot be edited and are marked with a padlock symbol.

Salesforce provided a list of fields and field types that we cannot edit directly from the report:

  • Task and event object fields
  • System fields such as Record ID and Created Date
  • Compound fields, including name and address fields
  • Picklists
  • Custom date/time fields
  • Encrypted text fields
  • Formula fields
  • Standard fields of type date/time, auto number, rollup summary, record type, master-detail, long text area, rich text, or hierarchy
  • Other fields where editing isn’t permitted due to restrictions in the page layout or record type

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