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The global pandemic caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus is taking its toll on everyone. In these difficult times for all of us, limiting contacts with others plays a special role. Many professions, which mainly rely on direct contact with the client, are going through very difficult times. In today’s post we will focus on a report conducted by Salesforce, which took a closer look at Sales Reps.

This post opens a series that will be based on data from the report.

Let us start with a few words about the research methodology.

The survey was conducted on nearly 6,000 sellers from various industries and around the world. More than half of the respondents come from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The main conclusion from the report is that the way in which the sale takes place changes significantly. So far, sales have been associated mainly with face-to-face meetings and building strong relationships with customers. The pandemic has severely affected the way retailers have to deal with the new reality. Moreover, most salespeople expect their role to change permanently. What is even more interesting, the vast majority of Sales Reps appreciate the role of good customer relations in the times of pandemic even more.

Nowadays, it is clearly visible how important good relations with customers are – which is confirmed by the sellers themselves. The process of building good relationships is long and laborious. Maintaining a good relationship is also very demanding and expensive. The situation becomes even more complicated when there are many clients and the relationships are complex and very personal. Nevertheless, the difficult times we are going through now only confirm the importance of building good relationships where both parties know they can count on each other.

The report provides a lot of other very interesting and useful information, which we will present in the next posts. We encourage to visit our blog, where we regularly publish interesting information that may be useful.

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