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In today’s post, we will refer to the latest Salesforce State of Sales report, to which we have already referred many times on this blog.

It is predicted that:

Automating the sales process will increase 86% over the next two years.”

Source: State of Sales, Salesforce

The projected increase is second on the list in terms of projected size and gives a way only to artificial intelligence.

What exactly is the automation of the sales process?

Offer reminders, reminders about meetings and their scheduling, weekly reports, scheduling e-mails, autodialing application, Time-based follow-ups etc.

Automating sales processes in your company helps to save your employees’ time, which they have to spend on finding the necessary information. Taking into account the forecasted growth, it can be assumed that we are dealing with a trend that will become the standard in the near future. Those who do not keep pace with the changes will be left behind and will no longer count in the stakes. We live in times when the development of technology exerts the pressure of change in order to keep up with the market. Can you imagine a company today that does not have a website? Probably not. There is a good chance that in the near future it will also be difficult to imagine working as a salesperson without a CRM system.

Instead of trying to keep up with the market and the changes that are taking place with increasing speed, wouldn’t it be samerter to act when you see where the market is going? By seeing where the market is heading, you can take action today.

As an official Salesforce partner, we will be happy to design, implement and train your employees to use a dedicated CRM system in your company. Contact us today and don’t wait for the market to force you to take action.

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