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The growing interest in Salesforce CPQ made us, as an official Salesforce partner, feel obliged to write a few words about what Salesforce CPQ is and what you can gain by implementing it in your company.

So, what Salesforce CPQ is?

If the products offered by your company consist of many components, then CPQ from Salesforce is just for you. CPQ means configur, price, quote. CPQ is a software for the pricing of complex products or services. For example, suppose you sell laptops. The customer can configure components that have a different price whatever he likes. That, of course, influences the total price your customer have to spend. The pricing of individual components may also depend on the various types of promotions that are granted when purchasing certain components together. Thanks to CPQ, you will facilitate and speed up the sales process for both your employees and your clients.

Salesforce CPQ is an extension to your CRM system with which you will be able to make more precise offers to your customers, and do it faster. Needless to say, it will speed up the entire process – according to research, the implementation of CPQ increases the accuracy of the quote up to 30%! Thanks to the greater accuracy, we save the time of the seller and the buyer!It is worth mention, that CPQ extension works hand in hand with your CRM in the cloud! This means, that you have access to your quoting system from anywhere, from any device!

Remember that CPQ is an extension for your CRM system – which is very efficient itself. Thanks to CPQ, you will improve the offer process and make your employees more efficient. What’s more, the flow of all information during relationships with your customers, sales history – all this will remain and will allow you to build better marketing and sales strategies in the future! Optimize the sales process in your company with the CPQ extension from Salesforce!

In our company we have a licensed CPQ Salesforce specialist, of which we are very proud! Contact us today, and check what you will gain by implementing the CPQ extension to CRM in your company!

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