Salesforce CPQ Specialist in our ranks!

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In today’s short post, we would like to boast ourselves a little..

We recently mentioned that we have a licensed CPQ Specialist in our ranks. Here he is.

Marcin Trofiniak, founder and chief-commander of ME PL Solution, has numerous Salesforce certificates that confirm his skills. If you have ever dealt with any Salesforce exam, you know it is not easy. Passing the certificate requires you to have extensive knowledge, not only theoretical, but also practical. Reading a little bit or learn from a few Trailheads it’s not enough. To pass the certificate it is good to gain experience – “learning by doing”. Marcin has extensive experience gathered in hundreds of projects and countless hours of study. The willingness to keep pace with the needs and requirements of today’s market means that the slogan “lifelong learning” becomes not so much a nice-looking sentence placed somewhere in the description of the company, but an absolute necessity determining the success or even survival of the company.

Focusing on a CRM from one provider allows for an in-depth understanding of its mechanics, thanks to which you are able to propose the best solutions that correspond to the real needs of the client in almost 100%.

Having more and more new certificates is the best proof of the development of the company’s employees and the willingness to keep pace with changes that are taking place at greater speed in today’s business World.

We are proud to share information about the certificates in our company. We believe that this we will allow us to provide more comprehensive services to our clients.

ME PL Solution Team

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