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ME PL Solution Salesforce Partner CRM

Salesforce For Sales Representatives it is a ready-made CRM product from ME PL Solution, which includes Salesforce Essential capabilities and additional functionalities designed specifically to increase sales efficiency for people offering their products directly at the customer.

Below we present what you can get by buying Salesforce Essentials together with a solution from ME PL Solution.

All contact details of companies/customers can be found in the Sales application. By clicking on the Home tab, a map with customers/companies from our database will be displayed.

This map is a free add-on to Salesforce and has such features as:

  • Filtering records according to values from selected records. For example, all customers in a certain area who meet certain criteria. These could be potentially interested customers that we believe are a must-visit,
  • Possibility of marking areas on the map. Use a circle or designating several points on the map in order to find contacts or companies,,
  • The map also offers routing to a maximum of 8 addresses. The proposed route between the points is the most optimal.
ME PL Solution Salesforce CRM

Below the map you can see our scheduled Events.

Under Events, there is a contact search engine. Using the search engine, you can search for contacts to whom: we will send an e-mail, check the status and information we have collected about a given person. Other objects/information can be displayed here. The choice depends on the individual needs of the client.

On the right side, the Today’s Events window displays your scheduled meetings for today.

Assistant reminds you of activities and suggests next actions. 

We now go to the Account tab, where individual records hold information about the company we work with.

Using List View, we are able to sort the displayed data. 

List View significantly facilitates work in the system. Thanks to the lists of views, we can determine, for example, when the last meeting took place. The period of time between visits is selected by the user.

CRM for Sales Reps

By filling in the fields when creating a record, we can save a lot of information about companies. You can add other fields where you can store the information you want. It all depends on your unique needs.

ME PL Solution Salesforce CRM
CRM for Sales Reps

The Contact object contains detailed information about people working in individual companies.

ME PL Solution Salesforce CRM

From the information view about the Details record, we can go to the record of the company in which a given person works. In Activity, we send e-mails, create Task tasks, Event meetings and log the Log Call information that we obtained in a conversation with a person.

CRM for Sales Reps

Events are assigned to a given contact and company.

ME PL Solution Salesforce CRM

Information about saved appointments can be found in the Calendar tab.

CRM for Sales Reps

Salesforce offers a range of reports that present data in a clear and transparent manner, increasing the picture of the operation.

ME PL Solution Salesforce CRM

The Dashboard displays several reports at once and is a great tool to check the current status of our activities.

CRM for Sales Reps

The above information is only part of the capabilities of the Salesforce platform. Additional elements include recording information about your Products, creating Business Opportunities, creating Quotes with products selected by the customer.

The cost of purchasing the standard version of Salesforce Essentials is $25 per month.

The Salesforce CRM package for Sales Representatives includes:

  • Consultation at the video conference,
  • Help in choosing the right solution for your requirements,
  • Creating automation and custom functionalities (View Lists, Fields, Formulas, Home Page, Applications etc.),
  • Installation of the Map application,
  • Basic data migration,
  • Training.

Contact us today and find out how CRM from the largest provider of this type of service in the World – Salesforce, can do for you.

As an official Salesforce partner, we design, implement, advise and train employees in the use of dedicated CRM systems based on the latest Salesforce technology. A few minutes of conversation may allow you to avoid problems in the future. Contact us today, and save yourself time, money and stress.

Grow with Salesforce!

ME PL Solution

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