SMBs Trends: Government and Community Support

Salesforce CRM: SMBs Trends - Government and Community Support

The post is a continuation of the mini-series: Salesforce CRM: trends for SMBs. In today’s post, we’ll look at the impact of government and community aid to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Salesforce report includes surveys of over 2,500 owners and leaders from the SMBs sector. You can read more about the study here.

The importance of support for the company’s survival during a pandemic

During the global pandemic, companies found out about the importance of government and public support. As the Salesforce report shows:

69% of SMBs say government support is at least somewhat important

Source: Small and Medium Business Trends Report (5th edition), Salesforce

Almost all over the World, governments of many countries have launched special aid programs for companies. In Poland, it was the Financial Shield, thanks to which lots of companies managed to survive. The awareness of the possibility of receiving help has a positive effect on entrepreneurial initiatives. Knowing that you can count on government support in difficult times encourages and fosters entrepreneurial initiatives.

Government support in the fight against the negative effects of a pandemic also includes various types of tax, and other fees relief. The lack of income, caused by various restrictions, deprived the company of earn, what affects not only operating, but also development.

Just like government programs, communities also contributed to helping SMBs during the pandemic.

The role of the Community support for SMBs

It was not only government programs that saved enterprises from total collapse. Local communities in Poland also supported business. An example can be restaurants. Many people, wanting to help their favorite restaurants, or people who do not like wasting food, bought food from restaurants. This allowed to get back some of the money, food was not wasted, and the restaurant survived.

As the data from the Salesforce report shows:

67% of SMBs say community support is at least somewhat important

Source: Small and Medium Business Trends Report (5th edition), Salesforce

Support from local communities saved many companies from bankruptcy. It is the combination of government support with community effort that the respondents considered as important.

Other forms of support that should be mentioned include, for example, low-interest working capital loans.

It is interesting that the vast majority of applicants for government aid were medium-sized companies. This should not come as a surprise as larger companies have much higher costs that cannot be covered without revenues.

Not every business applied for aid

27% of medium-sized and as much as 46% of small enterprises did not apply for any form of government aid

Source: Small and Medium Business Trends Report (5th edition), Salesforce

The difference of nearly 20% should come as no surprise. The bigger the company – the higher costs. Probably this is where the difference comes from.

The purpose of this post is to draw attention to the necessity of cooperation for the general good. Governments and communities are not separate entities that can function separately. The main message of Salesforce recently is the commitment of each of us to broadly understood welfare. In a sense, we live as one organism, where each of its elements is very important to maintain a healthy state of the whole.

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