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The last post in the “Salesforce CRM: trends for SMEs” series. In today’s post, we will find out how small and medium-sized enterprises perceive the changes that have occurred during the pandemic and their future.

Every cloud has a silver lining

The past two years have been very difficult for everyone – not only business or governments. Numerous restrictions, prohibitions, orders, etc. Regardless of the size, companies had to adapt to the changing reality. It took planning, cleverness, and ingenuity. The companies that survived this difficult time grew stronger. In the Salesforce report on the basis of which the mini-series was created: “Salesforce CRM: trends for SMEs”, we read:

76% of SMBs say shifts to business operations over the last year will benefit them long-term

Source: Small and Medium Business Trends Report (5th Edition), Salesforce

Actions taken in order to survive in new, difficult conditions forced companies to develop new methods of action in crisis. The creativity of the companies was endless! Unable to provide services in the way they did before the pandemic, many companies have invented new ways to cope with difficult conditions. As an example, let me give you my favorite pizzeria. At the beginning of the pandemic, restaurants were simply closed. Unable to sell its products, the company came up with the idea of selling half-products for home-made pizza. It was met with great interest. I myself bought pizza flour, which the restaurant uses makes their delicious products. I can’t enjoy them on the spot, but I was able to make my own pizza at home using the ingredients used in my favorite pizzeria.

Crisis plans

Small and medium-sized enterprises were also asked if they intended to plan scenarios for similar situations in the future.

SMBs that Have Created Scenario Plans to Prepare for Future Crises

Source: Small and Medium Business Trends Report (5th Edition), Salesforce

SMEs plan to provide services with limited face-to-face contact even when the pandemic is over

Limiting personal contact was one of the biggest problems facing companies. For some companies, this completely deprived them of their ability to work. An example would be a hairdressing salon. How can I reduce personal contact cutting hair or beard? Difficult situation. However, companies do not give up and try to create such conditions in which even close contact minimizes the risk. The situation forces you to be creative. As reported in the report:

79% of SMBs plan to offer contactless services after the pandemic

Source: Small and Medium Business Trends Report (5th Edition), Salesforce

The most important features of running a successful business for the next year

In the survey, the companies shared their experience. The companies were asked about the most important – in their opinion – features of running a successful business in crisis. We will list them in order – from the most to the least important.

  1. Market knowledge,
  2. Problem-solving skills,
  3. Flexibility and agility,
  4. Innovative mindset,
  5. Good leadership skills.

Source: Small and Medium Business Trends Report (5th Edition), Salesforce

Knowledge of the market in which the company operates is very important. Only by understanding the mechanisms governing the industry, you can plan and take action effectively.

The ability to solve problems is the bread and butter of every company – regardless of size. Managers of companies face a huge number of problems every day. Skillful problem solving is a constant element of running a business.

Flexibility is a very general concept. In relation to the company, it is mainly about being open to new things. Flexible mindset allows you to see the door even where we previously only saw the wall.

An innovative way of thinking is to follow the patterns. New situations force us to invent new ways of acting. It has been said that the definition of madness is doing something the same way and expecting different results – this sentence is perhaps the best expression for an innovative way of thinking.

Every organization needs a leader. Many things depends on him. He also takes all responsibility for the team. Employees want to follow a good leader – even under unfavorable conditions.

To sum it up

Every cloud has a silver lining – this sentence is more than enough. The companies that survived this difficult time grew stronger. Difficult times force us to use our creativity to act. Entrepreneurs are naturally creative beings. Most of the companies simply did what they could do in a given situation. Those, on the other hand, who were stubbornly staring at the wall instead of seeking the door, had to rethink their calling.

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