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Today’s post is a continuation of the mini-series “Salesforce CRM: trends for SMBs”. Today we will review the main priorities and challenges mentioned by companies from the SMB sector.

The series “Salesforce CRM: trends for SMEs” is devoted to the heroes of almost every economy – small and medium-sized companies. They are the core of the economy of most countries. The last two years have affected everyone. Salesforce cares about its customers by constantly researching the market in order to create the most up-to-date solutions. Salesforce has a department that constantly monitors various industries and sectors.

In today’s post, we will look at the priorities mentioned by the surveyed companies from around the World. We talk about the importance of employee and customer engagement, priorities and challenges.

What do we mean by customer engagement?

Customer engagement is a term that refers to building an emotional bond between the customer and the brand. It is also every interaction of the company with the customer – both online and offline.

The study was performed in mid-2021. The surveyed companies from the SMB sector answered the questions about their greatest priorities.

We’ll list them in order from most to least important.

  1. Flexible Schedules,
  2. Mask usage at work,
  3. Daily Sanitation of workspace/materials,
  4. Social distancing at work,
  5. The ability to work remotely.

Source: Small and Medium Business Trends Report, Salesforce

As the pandemic is getting quieter, we will only provide data that relate to aspects that will probably remain with us even after the official end of the pandemic.

The first position on the list of expectations for an employer is not due to the pandemic itself. Even before the pandemic, flexible working hours were desirable. Flexible working patterns include, for example, flexible working hours based on task work.

The last priority is the ability to work remotely. It is very likely that remote work will stay with us even after the pandemic officially ends. Employees who were forced to work remotely due to the pandemic liked this. This is evidenced by the data. Nearly two-thirds of employees would like to do their work from home, even after the pandemic ends. Nowadays, creating an environment for remote work requires the right tools. An example is the CRM system from Salesforce.

Challenges for SMBs related to the involvement of employees and customers

What, in the opinion of companies from the SMB sector, are the biggest challenges they face?

We will list them below in order – from the most to the least important.

  1. Bringing innovative offerings to market,
  2. Keeping up with demand,
  3. Personalizing customer engagement,
  4. Responding to inquiries quickly,
  5. Maintaining safety or sanitation measures,
  6. Providing a quality product,
  7. Engaging customer on their preferred channels,
  8. Communicating frequently,
  9. Providing a connected experience.

Source: Small and Medium Business Trends Report, Salesforce

A few words of explanation

Providing innovative products or services is the greatest challenge for companies from the SMB sector. Often, being innovative is not enough. While the priority palm is desirable, being first on the market might not be enough.

Even good business may be dead when out of stock products. If the customer is unable to buy the product due to lack of it, he will start to look for it elsewhere. This, in turn, may deprive us of our hard earned customer for good.

Personalization has become synonymous with our time. Who doesn’t want to be treated individually? Regardless of the communication channel, companies must make a lot of effort to make contact with the customer as personalized as possible.

Often in our daily experience we encounter a situation in which we have to wait for an answer. Every customer nowadays expects an immediate response.

More and more people focus on quality and expect it from companies. Regardless of whether we are talking about service or production, quality has always been at a price.

The frequency of communication is in a way related to personalization. Thanks to the various communication channels, we can respond almost immediately. The same applies to various types of advertising materials. With various communication channels, we can appear in the minds of our clients through more channels.

Lack of a consistent experience, for example, a situation in which a customer contacting us is forced to repeat the case in which he calls again and again. This is a big problem because nobody wants to waste time. Everyone expects that, since they are a customer, they must be known to the company. Consistency of interactions also applies to sales and marketing departments. Is the information sent by the marketing department consistent with the actions of sellers?

How can you use the information contained in the report?

Every company is different and we know it. What constitutes a general set of priorities and challenges listed in the report may differ significantly from the situation in your company.

The above-mentioned cases can be used as a template. You can use them as the basis of which you can determine what is the highest priority for you, and what is the greatest challenge.

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