Salesforce Essential for small biznes

The largest group of entrepreneurs in Poland are small and medium-sized enterprises, which is why Salesforce, in its extensive offer of software for customer relationship management, has solutions tailored to each group of entrepreneurs.

Salesforce Essential, because we are going to talk about this version today, is intended for micro-enterprises of one or several people.

What are the possibilities of the Essential version?

Work from anywhere with Internet access
Keeping all customer information in one place
Get a broader view of your company’s health by presenting multiple reports on one dashboard.
Respond to customers faster with a variety of methods
Keeping your customers data up-to-date
Sync tools you probably use, Gmail, Outlook, DocuSign, DropBox, Adobe Sign

Salesforce in the Essential version also has the ability to use automation that will increase work efficiency and eliminate many errors.

The cost of buying this version of the program is $ 25 per month, after conversion, it can be compared to the price we pay for an average package in mobile networks and in return we get a comprehensive tool to facilitate work and increase our profits.

If you are interested in Salesforce software and would like to consult how to adjust solutions to your business, please contact ME PL at or by phone: +48 513 081 331.

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