Salesforce for Industry

Many people, when they hear a CRM (customer relationship management) system, think that it is intended only for the marketing or sales department. However, nothing could be more wrong, it can also be applied to any department in a production company, which I will try to present in the content of this article.

Each company involved in the production of goods for sale has departments such as, production, maintenance, quality control, production planning, sales / marketing, and warehouse. Additionally, each department is divided into even smaller organizational structures that interact with each other.

Salesforce used in the right configuration provides access to all information from the entire plant on one screen, allows you to supervise and report each department.

-It speeds up communication in the company through the notification system and built-in communicators.

-Secures employees against entering incorrect data or inconsistent with the company’s standards.

-Allows you to plan production by analyzing parameters such as inventory, number of orders, material requirements of production.

-Each department can access information from each department without the need to call and find out important matters from a specific person.

-At any time and place, the company owner can see exactly what is happening in production using the Internet access.

-Ability to record information on the operation of each device in use.

– Insight into the personal status of employees, who is on vacation and how many days to use, sick leaves, logged working time.

Salesforce, thanks to a wide range of functionalities, makes companies gain in efficiency and effectiveness in operation, increasing profits and enabling further investments without any worries.

At ME PL, we make sure that manufacturing companies can optimize their activities with the help of Salesforce. If you would like to find out about the possibilities of Salesforce, please visit our blog, where we describe exactly how individual functionalities work with specific examples of applications.

The ME PL team

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