Salesforce MFA

Along with the growing concern about data security in the network caused by the increasing choice of remote work by companies for their employees, Salesforce proposes a solution called MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), which will be mandatory for Salesforce users from February 1, 2022.

What is MFA?

The standard login is done by entering the required login and password. Multi Factor Authentication is a multi-element user authorization that requires confirmation of its authenticity with additional functionalities.

The most popular method of authentication is the use of a mobile phone, because each number is assigned a specific person with a name and surname, and most importantly, everyone carries the phone in their pocket, defending it as sacred.

Examples of login confirmation methods:

– providing a string of digits sent to the e-mail Security Token

– confirmation by phone by answering the call or, as in the case of an e-mail, rewriting a string of numbers sent via SMS

– request to confirm login on a given device by logging in via the application on the phone

MFA login will be required by all types of users, partners, customers and companies.

When introducing new requirements, Salesforce technicians did not forget to thoroughly introduce the organization’s users or administrators to use the new authentication methods.

By entering the Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant configuration in the search engine, we have access to the necessary messages that are required to seamlessly manage the MFA.

At ME PL, we are in the process of getting to know MFA in more detail, follow our blog carefully, there will probably be new interesting entries on this topic soon.

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