Salesforce Release’21

Since Salesforce was presented for the first time in 1999, its dynamic development forced the creators to improve and introduce changes in the system.

Therefore, 3 times a year in spring, summer and winter, since 2004, implemented changes in the form of Release Notes are published, all information about the changes introduced at a given time collected in one document.

You can find a link to a page with all past and present changes in Salesforce by clicking  here .

As the ME PL team, we have prepared a series of articles for you to familiarize Salesforce users with the most important changes we have selected this winter.

If you want to check if your Salesforce organization already has the latest version of the system, just notice when you switch between applications …

… The icon below.

Entries about winter news will appear every day, so carefully follow our social media to find out things that will allow you to work with Salesforce even more effectively.

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