Security in Salesforce

A huge amount of data, documents, contacts and notes scrolls through every office.We know it when we look at our desk or workmate.

Personally, I was fascinated by how many problems could be solved if the right people knew about the problems written on the cards scattered around the office.

On the other hand, there will be information that should only be made available to a small group of people holding the appropriate positions.

Following this lead, we are slowly creating a complex network of company employees’ access to data.

Building it may not be a challenge, but the subsequent administration is.

Manual remembering about granting access rights, their subsequent removal, any problems with data leakage or compliance with GDPR make it best to hire a specialist in the company who will deal with it, and then pray that he will not make a mistake.

Fortunately, at ME PL we found a different solution. As Salesforce users, we have built a very precise structure of sharing and relationships between employees based on the basic functionality that defines who and what information has access.

Based on company information such as roles, teams, etc., we tailored the solution to our needs.

Therefore, we do not need a dedicated person to oversee this as all the logic is handled by Salesforce.

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