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In today’s tutorial episode from ME PL, we will expand on the topic of the previous  Click  article, where we talked about how to send mass mailings using Salesforce. Now we will describe the functionalities offered by the Salesforce tool for sending e-mails.

With the e-mail editing window open, we will start with a description of the basic functions.

-Recipients  here shows us the number of recipients

-Next We can add the email subject

–The Content tab works like a standard email editor.

Rewiew,  review of the list of people to whom we send an email.

(1) It is used to add Merge Field

-(2) From the list, we can choose whether to save the mail as a new template. Or add an existing one to the message.

-(3)  Allows you to include attachments

-(4) Specifies the maximum number of e-mails we can send.

Merge Field are fields that automatically retrieve the value from the record and insert it into the email.

We have a choice of 3 groups of Merge Field Recipient, Sender, Organization.

By selecting the field marked with an arrow, we will make the address of each recipient appear in the e-mail sent to each recipient.

Other groups operate in the same way.

This is what the inserted field marked below looks like, we can place it anywhere in the text.

We can also insert ready-made templates into our e-mail by selecting Insert a template.

The Template selection window allows us to insert ( 1 ) Lightning or Classic templates.

This is what Email looks like after adding a Template

Now we just need to press Send and the emails will be sent to all recipients.

Follow our blog carefully, because in future publications there will be articles on creating e-mail templates.

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