Send emails through Gmail from Salesforce

With the Summer ‘21 Release Salesforce introduced new functionality that allows you to send emails through Gmail, Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange. After doing that, the email looks like it was sent directly from the user. 

Earlier, sending e-mails was possible only through Salesforce.

Below we can see the difference in email address that is visible after sending emails.

This is email sent through Salesforce:

This is email sent through Gmail from Salesforce:

In this short tutorial we will show how you can set up and use this functionality.

At first, in settings (gear icon in the upper right corner) in the Quick Find box search for Send through External Email Services.

Choose Send through Gmail or Send through Office 365.

Then, go to Personal Settings (upper right corner on the image below) and search for My Email Settings. Check Send through Gmail option and click Save.

Now we should be able to choose, if we want to send an email through Salesforce or through Gmail, like in the image below.

From now on, emails sent by us will look like the ones sent directly from Gmail and recipients might be more likely to open them. 

Link to Salesforce article:

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