Service Cloud- Facilities for customers and support.

Service Cloud is an app in Salesforce that works perfectly with customer support through quick and easy access by a team of professionals with all the information you need.

What do customers pay attention to using the support? Let’s think about it and remember how it happens when it’s us who use the help of a specialist.

We bought the product, spent our own money and there is a problem, something is wrong with the product, or we can’t use it correctly. The Internet does not provide an answer, and this is the moment we need to turn to the professionals supporting the product.

Every manufacturer in the present day has a customer service department, however, not everyone meets our expectations about the timing and quality of care for the problem.

In line with market demand, a ready-made solution to the needs of the Support has emerged in Salesforce.

Service Cloud faces issues such as:

-Reduce waiting times for a response

-Rapid and Aptly Diagnosing the Problem

-Informing the client about the progress of his case

-Communication with support by most popular instant messengers and devices (SMS, Form on the site, Phone, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, email, etc.)

-Automatic display of prompts to a asked question from created answers by specialists

-The ability to create a smart chatbot that will interact with the customer

-Increase the efficiency of support workers

-Automatically sent answers in the form of instructions to standard or frequently asked questions

-Support worker has all the messages of a particular client from different instant messengers in one place

-Access to Case Management from anywhere and device with internet access

-Automatic combining of similar cases into one topic, allowing them to be solved more quickly

-Collaboration of staff and teams on one issue

-Analysis of data collected during work and presenting them in the form of a report

Part of the aforementioned issues relate to facilitating customer support and part of the support team’s work efficiency. Salesforce is a complete solution therefore it covers both of these areas.  System harmony and shared access to data allow us to run our business at a global level, without worrying about quality.

If you would like to learn more about Service Cloud or learn more about Salesforce CRM, its capabilities and how you could use it in your business please contact us.

ME PL Solutions team.

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