Sharing Hierarchy – Salesforce Summer’21 Release.

It’s time to get acquainted with the latest Summer’21 Release from Salesforce quarterly updates.

A lot of interesting changes have been added, which we will try to present to you in the coming days by publishing articles with the most interesting changes, in our opinion.

At this link…

…there are all the changes regarding the Salesforce platform.  

We will start by presenting the functionality that allows you to check who has access to our record and on what basis, whether it is due to the rights granted by the administrator or the function performed in the company.

We could already obtain this information in the classic version of Salesforce.

We will show you how to add this new solution to your organization and briefly describe how to use it.

At the very beginning, you need to add the Sharing Hierarchy button to the Layout of the object on which we want this functionality to be available.

Setup Object Manager →click on object LeadPage Layout → section Mobile & Lightning Actions

Drag and drop Sharing Hierarchy to  Mobile & Lightning Actions section

Now all you have to do is save the changes, Save or Quick Save.

Go to the record on the Lead object, on the right, from the drop-down list of actions, select the previously added Sharing Hierarchy …

… A list of all users with access to the record will open.

Click View next to the selected user …

… In the newly opened page, reading from the left:

Shared With –  the name of the user or user group that we share the record with.

Reason for Access – information about why someone has access to the record (in this case, due to manual release).

Account Access – The type of access to the record (example: ‘Read-only’)

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