Small business leaders are optimistic about the future

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In today’s post, we take a look at how small business owners see their future.

It would seem that everyone is complaining about the difficult economic situation caused by the global pandemic. Meanwhile, as reported in one of its Salesforce reports:

72% of small business leaders remain optimistic about the future”


The study took place in the United States, but similar trends can be observed in Poland too. How often you hear about local communities support small entrepreneurs. A good example of this is the situation on the All Saints’ Day in 2020 in Poland. The closure of cemeteries not only deprived citizens of the opportunity to visit their deceased relatives or friends in cemeteries, small entrepreneurs who had been preparing for this day for months faced the huge losses. Flowers, wreaths – even candles and other decorations that we usually take with us to our graves, all bought for nothing. Small businesses were not able to sell the goods they had purchased for this very day. Companies often borrowed money from banks to be able to prepare for this day. Citizens came to help! From the radio, television and the Internet, one could learn about the initiatives of individuals who decided to support small businesses by buying fresh flowers and other ornaments with a short shelf life. Same applied for the restaurants. Small communities of customers of their favorite eateries order take-out food. Perhaps they could not eat the food they bought on the spot – as they got used to, but they do buy to eat it home. They helped – even to a small extent – to maintain small restaurants that, due to restrictions, cannot function as they usually do.

So we can see that although it is not easy for anyone, there are situations in which local communities stepped into action! Perhaps small traders or restaurants do not prosper as “in the good old days”, but their losses have at least been limited to some extent. Such and similar behaviors make the owners of small businesses look to the future with optimism, and this is a good signal. The whole situation can only worsen if there is no optimism as the very important – maybe undervalued, element of business. Taking into account the fact that small and medium-sized companies are the backbone of almost every economy, everyone should care about their good condition. Small and medium-sized enterprises employ many people who, if they go bankrupt, will also be in a very difficult financial situation.

At ME PL Solution, we are also optimistic about the future. It might seem that the IT industry is completely immune to the crisis, but this is not entirely true. Often, IT customers, fear new “waves” of the pandemic and the restrictions that result from them. As a result they are not eager to make new investments. Budget constraints make companies less likely to reach for their wallets – even if they admit in an interview that they are interested in this or that product, and one of the proposed solutions could have positive effect to the development of the company. It is not surprising at all. Therefore, we found solutions that do not have to cost a lot, and the effects of their implementation can significantly contribute to reducing the costs associated with the performance of a number of activities related to running a business.

We will be happy to advise you on how – at a low cost, you will implement the most technologically advanced CRM system in your company. Contact us today to learn more!

We wish all entrepreneurs steadfastness, cheerfulness and optimism.

ME PL Solution Team

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