Spring Release 2020 in Salesforce and changes in Reports

We noticed that Spring release series is quite popular, so here we are happy to publish article number 3 from Salesforce Spring Release 2020 series. Today we will cover topic, which we in ME PL found very nice from Salesforce Consultant point of view.

As title might have already let it out, we will write about Report Builder and it’s functionality to auto refresh report example on each change one make in it. This small refresh event which last from
0,5 s up to few seconds in more complex reports, became just
a show stopper in efficient report creation process.

So every Salesforce Specialist, Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Developer will be happy to hear that this is an issue no more. From Spring release 2020 there is option to turn of auto update for as long as we do not need it! Example of such report with auto update off is visible in picture (Pic. 1). In case one would like to see changes, can do one of two things:

  1. one can click refresh
  2. turn back on auto refresh
Pic. 1 Report Builder with autoupdate off

Big “Thank you!” to Salesforce from every Salesforce specialist in ME PL for making our work easier. Good job!

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