SSoT or Single Source of Truth

The idea of SSoT or Single Source of Truth is simple yet genies in it’s simplicity, that is useful if your data spreads among multiple drives/platforms or systems. The Data are harder to find therefore harder to work on. Nowadays information is key to success, it allows one to be prepared and ready for what is coming. When using SSoT (Single Source of Truth) just pick a place where all information should end up and then build solutions around that place.

Just imagine every situation when some information, power point presentation, personal data or phone number extremely relevant at the moment is waiting for you to be found in one of your multiple devices used at work. Now when SSoT is introduced these problems disappear. Every information that your employees or You gathered is funneled to your very own secure source of truth.

Modern industry that is not investing in such solution is making itself very fragile. It is as easy to lose data as it is to lose your car keys. Unfortunately locating your keys can be much easier then locating one file in one of many devices that need to be plugged in, searched trough and then unplugged to check another one.

We could go on and on and the topics where spread information is causing issues would not end. Instead this article is beginning of series about how to solve such issues with proper SSoT slution.

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