Subscribe Report in Salesforce

Reports in Salesforce present data that often changes while working in our organization. Therefore, in order to save data from a specific day and time or for specific changes that will be registered, we can save our report in a given form. Of course, you can do it manually, but Salesforce automated this issue.

For this purpose, the Subscribe option is used, which can be found in the drop-down list presented in the figure below.

In the window that opens, we have specific settings to choose from:

  • Frequency: The frequency with which the report is to be saved and notified to a specific user
  • Days: We can choose individual days on which the report will be saved
  • Time: We choose a specific time
  • Attachment: It is possible to attach a document or photo to the report for information or supplementary data

The Recipients section is responsible for who the message will be sent to along with the report.

  • Send Email To: information which user will be subscribed to by email

By clicking Edit Recipients we have the option to add new subscribers.

The Run Report As function is useful when we do not have access to all the data that the report should present, then it is possible to run it as another user who has access to all data contained in the report.

The Condition tab allows you to receive a subscription as soon as there is data that will be specified by conditions.

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