Success – big and small

ME PL Solution Salesforce Partner

In today’s (short) post, we want to boast ourselves with our first review on the App Exchange!

We are very pleased that our efforts have been rewarded with a very positive comment on the App Exchange!

As a result of our work, we were rated 4/5 stars. We are happy even more because we realize that there is always something to work on. A high rating shows that we can listen the client and we really try to understand his needs. Moreover, cooperation is in full swing and develops along with our Partner!

We are aware that many companies are struggling to survive in today’s difficult times, so a positive review on the App Exchange is a ray of hope for us illuminating the darkness of the global pandemic and its dramatic consequences not only for business, but for all of the people.

To all those who are struggling with the hard times in which we have run our companies, we want to say that hard work pays off and it is worth continuing it to see your ray of hope for better times.

We wish you success in your business – both, big and small!

ME PL Solution Team

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