Report Inline Editing – Salesforce summer’21 release

Another summer novelty that the Salesforce update brought us is the ability to edit fields in records directly in the Report. This saves time when you want to improve some value by reviewing the data with the report. Thanks to this improvement, we will not have to open each record separately in a new tab,… Continue reading Report Inline Editing – Salesforce summer’21 release

Sharing Hierarchy – Salesforce Summer’21 Release.

It’s time to get acquainted with the latest Summer’21 Release from Salesforce quarterly updates. A lot of interesting changes have been added, which we will try to present to you in the coming days by publishing articles with the most interesting changes, in our opinion. At this link… …there are all the changes regarding… Continue reading Sharing Hierarchy – Salesforce Summer’21 Release.

Create Macros in Salesforce

We presented how to configure Macros in Salesforce settings in the previous post. Now we are creating Macros for records on the Lead object. To make the work of sellers easier, we will make Macros to create a new Task with one click and log information about contact with a potential customer. In the application… Continue reading Create Macros in Salesforce

How to enable Macros in Salesforce?

Macros in Salesforce are automations that we can use to reduce working time when entering repeating patterns of actions performed while working on records. One click allows you to send an email, log in a conversation, or create a new task for multiple records at once. This article will be dedicated to setting Macros in… Continue reading How to enable Macros in Salesforce?

Salesforce Inspector – Data migration

Previously, we showed how to migrate data using Dataloader IO , in this article we will introduce You to a completely free browser plugin – Salesforce Inspector. Plugin link for Chrome (It is also available for other browsers): It is a very good tool for people managing salesforce organization, but not only. The simplicity… Continue reading Salesforce Inspector – Data migration

Data migration w

Import, export, and data update in Salesforce are very important issues that improve the data migration process. There are plenty of solutions in the market for Salesforce helping to throw large batches of information into the organization at once. One such solution is allowing you to perform simple and more complex data migration operations… Continue reading Data migration w

Console in Service Cloud

We wrote on our blog about Service Cloud, its possibilities and what it can be used for. Now we will present you what the console looks like with a description of the basic functionalities. In the Service Cloud console, we can distinguish 8 elements that are visible immediately after logging in as a proposed solution… Continue reading Console in Service Cloud

Service Cloud- Facilities for customers and support.

Service Cloud is an app in Salesforce that works perfectly with customer support through quick and easy access by a team of professionals with all the information you need. What do customers pay attention to using the support? Let’s think about it and remember how it happens when it’s us who use the help of… Continue reading Service Cloud- Facilities for customers and support.