The change of priorities for Customer Service

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In today’s post, we will refer to one of the first posts on our blog where we wrote about the Customer Service Department. The post is a continuation of the “sales in the times of pandemic” series.

The role of Customer Service Departments has changed – and continues to do so. The perception of Customer Service Departments has changed – from sad necessity to a very important element that determines company’s success or failure. This is reflected in data from the State of Service, 3rd edition by Salesforce report.

The survey was conducted on over 3,500 specialists from Customer Service Departments in almost every corner of the World.

When asked about the priorities of Customer Service Departments for the next two years, the respondents answered:

  1. Improving workforce skills,
  2. Improving processes and workflows,
  3. Improving service technologies,
  4. Integrating service across the business,
  5. Pivoting from a cost center to a profit center.

Lifelong learning has long ceased to be merely a buzzword that companies throw at the public. The constant improvement of employees’ qualifications is one of many necessities of today’s business world.

Workflow processes in a department or the entire company are also very important. They affect the speed of the service and how efficiently individual tasks are performed. Who wants the client’s query to be resolved with a delay or completely lost somewhere on the way to the right person at the company?

The development of technology forces companies to adjust to the ways of doing business and how the client wishes to be served. Not using the communication channels your clients use, may cause their reluctance and, as a result, move to the competition.

All services in the company should be integrated. It is impossible to emphasize the importance of this point! When contacting the company, the client assumes that he is well-known and that each employee is able to help him, without having to repeat the reason he calls, and who he is.

The change in the role of the Customer Service Department is also accompanied by a change in its perception. The Customer Service Department has gained importance and can now be a source of profit. Perhaps it will not be direct income, but thanks to a good Customer Service Department, we will retain existing customers and save all the money we spent on acquiring them. With the help of the Customer Service Departments, we can also deepen sales by selling additional products or services.

These are the key priorities indicated by professionals from Customer Service Departments around the world. Let us also tell a little bit about the challenges they are facing.

  1. Keeping up with changing customer expectations,
  2. Budgetary constraints,
  3. Ineffective or inefficient processes,
  4. Insufficient tools and technologies,
  5. Underskilled agents.

It is impossible to emphasize enough the importance of adjusting to the changes that are currently taking place on the market. The only way to survive is to adjust. Companies need to change as quickly as their customers’ expectations change.

Budget constraints are a very common problem. Changing the role of the Customer Service Department should cause a change in perception and hence – a larger budget. If the Customer Service Department is truly profitable, companies should invest in it.

We already mentioned about the processes. Improving processes – such as workflow, is a form of business optimization. Probably the word “optimization” does not seems to be pleasant, but from the point of view of success on the market – it is indispensable and necessary.

Technology goes forward – the company should follow. Nothing more to add.

We also mentioned the importance of employees’ qualifications improvement earlier in this post.

As we can see, some of the priorities and challenges of Customer Service Departments overlap. This is due to good observation and the needs of most companies in today’s business world.

Although the change is inevitable, many companies resist at first, but ultimately succumb. Instead of the resistance, that sooner or latter will be broken, it is way smarter to move along and take profit! Procrastination leads to losses and deprive companies of profit they could take adjusting to the current market when the time is right. Time of your reaction is crucial, because when you are late, changes that were something new in the past become standards on the market, and you will not profit from it anymore.

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