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Continuing the “sales in the times of pandemic” series, we will present another interesting statistic from the report State of Service, 3rd edition, Salesforce.

90% of service professionals say customer service is viewed as the responsibility of the entire company – not just their department

Source: State of Service (3rd edition), Salesforce

We wrote quite recently that the role of customer service departments has changed. It is interesting that the transformation of customer service departments has a significant impact on the entire company. Today, all employees – regardless of the department in which they work, are responsible for customer service.

We have repeatedly emphasized the importance of data integration in the company. The system on which the company operates plays an important role here. Does the sales department have the same customer data as the marketing department? Does the marketing department have information from the sales department that can help create more personalized ads?

The problem is often not so much the lack of cooperation between departments, but the lack of appropriate tools. Everyone knows how easy it is to get lost in a maze of e-mails or tables containing important data that everyone enters in their own way and when it comes to working with them, it takes a long time before we will decode them.

Salesforce has a whole range of tools that improve the flow of information in the company, thus improving cooperation between employees and departments. The data stored in the system is uniform and gives each employee – regardless of the department, a clear and transparent view of the customer. Importantly, this image is the same for everyone who can view it.

Today’s business world has become so complicated that it is difficult to grasp it without the help of modern technologies. CRM systems were created for this very purpose. Help yourself and your employees in their daily work and you will quickly see that it pays off.

As an official Salesforce Partner we will be delighted to advise you how to do it. Contact us today and join the digital revolution that is taking place in every corner of the World.

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