The future of remote work

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In today’s post, we will consider the future of remote work. As always, we will refer to the latest data from Salesforce.

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We have already written on ME PL Solution blog, that employees want to work from home.

According to the information on the Salesforce website:

67% of the workforce is interested in working remotely for the long term”


The data clearly show that working remotely will stay with us for longer. It can be assumed that most people, including real talents, will expect great flexibility from their employer. First of all the character of the workplace changes. Since we can do our work from a smartphone or tablet, work is more of a “state of mind” than a specific place we are used to be to work.

Until recently, only 14% of business leaders believed that their company was able to operate virtually. Today that number is 42%.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Given the latest news, the world is facing a new wave, a new virus that could once again force us to work from home. Little consolation, but luckily, it fits with most employees’ preferences.

However, most are not all. The minority includes the youngest generation that has now entered the labor market.

Young employees are afraid of starting work in the company without supervision and advice from their older colleagues. This can lead to young workers feeling confused. This is a huge problem that can deprive of the possibility to develop an appropriate bond that would normally create a sense of belonging. There are many psychological aspects that influence young workers’ concerns. Many studies on human isolation currently carried out show that it is not a favorable phenomenon from the perspective of the mental state.

How can you minimize the negative impact of insulation at your company?

The answer to this question is the implementation of modern technologies. Technology gives a sense of belonging and working in a team despite the lack of personal contact. Today, modern technologies allow you to work effectively in a team without leaving your home. Videoconferencing – the most popular of the tools, is the basic form of collaboration with a team. The importance of videoconferencing is growing, and this is in line with the experience of most office workers. Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to create a work environment in which the lack of personal contact will not be so severe.

The changing work environment poses many challenges for companies.

Every business is different and there is no one set of activities to suit every business. Even inside the company, the way business processes take place can vary significantly, even between company’s departments. IT systems that will be used to create appropriate working conditions should be flexible. A good IT system is characterized by its ability to be modified depending on the needs of the company or department.

Companies wanting to stay afloat – not to mention being successful – must implement appropriate IT solutions. Employees need the right tools to work. The psychological needs of the employee should also be taken into account.

IT tools gained a new task – not only to help in carrying out everyday duties, but to fill the empty space created in everyone’s life as a result of isolation.

Isolation brings with it many challenges. How to convey the company’s values? How to build good relationships in a team? How to motivate and advise younger colleagues? Technology may be the answer to these questions.

The CRM system from Salesforce is the answer. Updates 3 times a year keep the technology “up to date”. The supplier understands this perfectly and constantly improves its services to meet the challenges of today’s business world. This is one of the many reasons “why Salesforce“.

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