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Today’s post will be a continuation of the “Sales in times of Pandemic” series. We will learn about the best selling tactics of business leaders, which they believe will apply in the next 12 months. The data comes from a new Salesforce report that we rely on throughout the series.

  1. Increased flexibility with customers
  2. Improved data quality and accessibility
  3. Simplified sales processes
  4. Personalized outreach
  5. Improved cross-functional partnerships

The first two items from the list completely dominated the responses provided by the Sales Professionals.

Flexibility in the approach to the client is extremely important and each group indicated it as the most important tactic for the coming year. Sellers must adapt not only to changes taking place in the business, they must also take into account the current situation in relation to individual person.

Data access and the quality of the data are crucial. Data quality affects the quality of work – the better the data, the greater the efficiency and, consequently, better results. Nowadays, access to data is also of great importance. Fearing the virus, many companies decided to switch to remote work. In order for employees to be able to do their job, they need access to the data. The employee should be able to access necessary information form any device that are available at home. Access to data should be safe, as employees often deal with sensitive data of their clients or company and the leakage could harm not only the reputation of the company He or She works for, but also their clients.

Another of the most frequently mentioned tactics is to simplify the sales process. The old sales procedures should also be adapted to the current situation. Let’s take process of acceptance as an example. The problem may be not so much the process itself but the tools that were used to operate it. When an employee needs approval, he most often contacts his supervisor. Unfortunately, due to the duties of people in a managerial position, this contact may be significantly difficult, which will extend the time of the entire process. As we all know – time is money.

Personalizing the approach to the client has become a necessity in recent times. Everyone likes to feel important and deserves an individual approach. The process of building an individual offer is more time consuming and more demanding but it pays off. It favors building lasting relationship and customer loyalty. A loyal customer returns and recommends the product or service to his/her family and friends.

You might ask yourself: why is collaboration with other departments in the company on the list? Unfortunately, as experience shows, departments of a particular company may not be cooperating with each other. Imagine a situation where the marketing department creates campaigns without consulting it with the sales department. Sales Reps could share their experiences which the marketing department could use to create more effective campaigns. Communication and cooperation in the company is very important and affects how effective a company is.

Some of the tactics above may seem trivial. Numerous studies conducted in companies around the World, show that despite the knowledge of how to do something well, companies for various reasons do not use this knowledge to make the most of it.

Salesforce gives you a whole range of tools that both personalize the experience of your customers and improve communication in your company. As an official Salesforce partner, we will be happy to present you how to harness the power of the most advanced CRM tool on the Planet.

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