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In today’s post, we will once again refer to the Salesforce report.

This time, the report concerns marketing, and was conducted on over 4,000 marketing Specialists. It should be added, that despite the significant number of companies from Europe, Poland was not included in the survey (for those interested in Poland as a market).

It is worth to mention that in the latest reports, Salesforce also includes Polish specialists from various types of the companies. It is hard to say whether this proves the growing importance of Poland as a prospective market, or increasing awareness of the benefits of using CRM. Regardless of what the answer is, we see it as a positive phenomenon.

Despite the fact that the research did not cover Poland market, it is not completely detached from Polish reality. Specialists from Europe constituted the largest group of respondents (1400 people). It can be assumed that if the study also included our country, we would obtain similar results to those obtained in France for example.

Back to the topic..

According to the Salesforce report:

“84% of customers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business

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The claim above seems to be obvious. But why do customers point them out at all?

Unfortunately, it very often turns out that we as the customers, when interacting with the company, can feel that we are not treated as we would like to, and that the company is only trying to earn on us. It is difficult to be angry with companies because of this – each company was established for this very purpose. It’s about the way it is done.

You can ask yourself: would I be willing to return to a company that made me feel that I meant as much to them as I was charged for their product/service? Probably not. This is why building a positive customer experience is so important. The client wants to feel that you care about him, he wants to feel important in interacting with your company.

Your client’s needs are the same currency as money. If taken seriously, the customer will return, and recommend your services or products to a friend or family, and your effort in understanding their needs and ensure that at every stage of your interaction he or she feels good, you will be rewarded.

We live in times when we shouldn’t write about it at all. Meanwhile, as our own experience shows, we still have a lot to do.

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