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In today’s post, we will look at the phenomenon that companies from all over the world are struggling with. It is about the customer’s trust.

61% of consumers feel that they’ve lost control of their personal information”


This is very disturbing. Customers who provide sensitive data, such as personal data, for the purpose of e.g. order fulfillment, worry about how their data is used by the company. Such an atmosphere does not build mutual trust and it is not surprising. The number of advertisements of unknown origin is growing. Sometimes we wonder where someone got our phone number, not to mention e-mail address. Legal regulations such as GDPR do not sufficiently protect our data.

Disturbing data comes from a study conducted by Salesforce which shows that in 2020, trust in companies regarding the use of customers personal data has decreased.

For example:

In 2020, when asked whether the company’s trustworthiness matters, as many as 82% of the respondents said “yes”. In 2019, this figure was 73%.

Moreover, in 2020 as many as 61% of the respondents said that it is difficult for companies to earn my trust. In 2019, this figure was 54%.

We can see that it is difficult for companies to earn the trust of customers who are wary of interacting with companies that ask for personal data.

It may result from unfair practices of companies, which unfortunately is quite common. We constantly hear here and there about the leakage of sensitive data and problems related to this fact. Sometimes technology fails, but far more often we humans are to blame. In today’s digital age, more and more customer interactions are shifting online. Companies must ensure their clients about the security of their clients’ data and use them only for purposes that the client accepts. We will not delve into ethics or even morality of employees here. Even the best technology can fail if misused.

The solutions offered by the largest CRM provider in the world – Salesforce, are safe. The cloud technology on which Salesforce services are based, promotes the security of stored data. In addition, Salesforce focuses on security by making effort to ensure that the data stored in the cloud is safe. With Salesforce you can be sure that at least the technical requirements for data storage will be met. Settings related to access to sensitive data also give you more control over what data individual employees have access to. With Salesforce you have more control and you can worry less about the morality or work ethics of your employees.

As an official Salesforce partner, we know how to secure your customers’ data. We will be happy to design, implement and train your employees to use the most advanced, most secure dedicated CRM system in your company.

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