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In today’s post, we will deviate a bit from the main subject of this blog. Trust is a topic that relates to all aspects of life, not only CRM systems, and business.

We live in times when the subject of trust is widely discussed. Fake news, completely or partially false information, is a slogan that we hear more and more often. The concept of “fake news” is relatively new. However, it has penetrated into our everyday life so much that it has become the subject of many public and private conversations.

We will not exaggerate if we say that we are dealing with a real social trust crisis. The published content often differs significantly from the truth. Many websites, TV news channels, and newspapers are accused of publishing false information. The same applies to companies. Over the past few years, it is very common to read about various types of “scams” on the front pages of newspapers or websites.

This affects the widely understood trust and how it is felt in relation to business, government or other people. Will we be deceived by entrusting our hard-earned money to a financial institution? Will our money be – as promised – safe? These, and other questions very often appear in our minds right after we hear or read an advertisement or information about a great investment offer.

The subject of trust has always aroused much controversy. We have dealt with various scams in the past as well, but perhaps not of that scale.

How to build trust in the company?

Start from within. How do we get anyone to trust us if we don’t trust ourselves? The same applies to the company. How to make our clients trust us if our employees do not?

Quoting Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff words from this year Dreamforce event:

In a world of so much mistrust, being a trusted enterprise means making trust your highest value,” Benioff said.

Source: Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff, Dreamforce 2021

Making trust the highest value is the only way for the company to be perceived as trustworthy. The above words best reflect what we are trying to convey in this post. Mr. Banioff, as our boss, obliges us to make trust the highest value that we should follow in our daily work.

Without trust, there is no way to build positive relationships. Not to mention the sale. If we deceive the client, he will certainly talk about it further – as long as he does not go to court, giving the case more publicity. By losing our customers’ trust, we lose much more than this single relationship. Customers are also people who talk about us with their family or among friends. Who will go to the dentist our friend talks about badly? Nobody on their skin will want to try whether our friend was right or not. Similarly in companies.

Success in any business venture is based on trust and is becoming the new currency.

We realize that the topic of trust is very extensive. It can be considered from the point of view of psychology, economics or philosophy. However, this is not our goal. We just want to draw attention to the growing deficit of social trust that affects all of us. Does unfair competition disturb the perception of the entire industry? Cheated customers may approach relationships with new industry suppliers in a less trusting manner that affects the relationship we are trying to build.

Although good intentions are the first step in building trust, in today’s World it is difficult to do without the help of modern technologies. The premise of customer relationship management (CRM) systems is to build lasting, good relationships with the customer. However, even the best IT systems will not help us if we do not start with trust.

The new year is approaching fast. Perhaps it is worth considering how to make trust a value shared by every employee of your company?

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