Usefull information about password management in Salesforce

In today’s article, we will try to explain the password management process in Salesforce.

All information and tools for setting password properties can be found in Setup, by entering Password Policies in the Quick Find box.

Now we will describe the individual elements of the password management panel.

  1. Password expiration, i.e. the period after which the user must change it to a new one.

Can be set to 30, 60, 90, 180 days one year or never.

  1. We choose the number of passwords to remember. If the user wants to change the password or it expires, he will not be able to use the previous passwords. 
  2. We set a minimum password length of 6-N characters. 
  3. Here we define what characters the password must contain.
  4. The answer to the secret question cannot be the same as the password.
  5. We define the possible number of logins in a row.
  6. If we have used the maximum number of login attempts, here we select the time after which we will be able to try to login again.

Obscure secret answer for password resets – By selecting this Checkbox, we hide the answer in the support question. (instead of signs we have dots as for the password)

Require a minimum 1 day password lifetime – the password must be set for a minimum of 1 day, which means that it cannot be reset more than once a day.

In the Forgot Password / Locked Account Assistance section, we set a message to appear when someone forgets the password or the number of login attempts is exceeded, and we can attach a link with a support article like this.

API Only User Settings – This applies to API Only Users users (they can upload data to the organization, but do not have access to the SF view) and to give them information, for example, about correct logging into SF, an individual page is created that opens when logging them in.

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