Web-To-Case in Salesforce

Most companies have a contact form on their website.Salesforce offers the ability to automatically create Matters in the system from the website using the Web-To-Case tool.e. 

By entering ‘Web-to-Case’ in the Configuration search engine, we will open the automation settings, where by manually selecting the first box, we allow the use of creating Case via the website.

Then, to avoid spam, we turn on CAPTCHA verification.

W Default Case Origin wybieramy WEB.

WIn the Auto-Response Email Settings section, in the first window, select the template for the return message confirming the creation of a Case.

In the following fields it is possible to hide detailed information when the creation of a Case fails.

The next step is to generate the HTML code that will be placed on our website.

We select the fields on the Case that are to be completed by the person sending the notification.

We can choose the URL to which the user will return after completing the form.

Then we choose the API key pair, this is the authorization we get when registering our website with Google.

Click Generate

We have generated HTML code, which we paste into the appropriate section on the website.

Sample form on the website. Po wypełnieniu informacji i przesłaniu, After filling in the information and submitting, the new Case will appear in our Salesforce system.

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