What is Salesforce Chatter?

Chatter is a tool designed to communicate inside the Salesforce platform in real time.

It allows users to work in a group, talk to each other and share information.

We can use this application both through a browser and by phone with the Salesforce application installed and access to the Internet.

Using Chatter, we can learn more about our colleagues by viewing the profile of each user, where we can get information to which group a given person belongs to, who is their manager, how to contact them and check their location.

One of the most useful features of Chatter is the ability to track the activity of users, groups, topics, files and records. Thanks to this function, we get information about changes and activity. We can track a maximum of 500 individual results.

We also have the option of organizing work in groups using Chatter, conducting trainings, enabling our employees to contact contractors allowing them access to selected information, direct contact via a private message, and saving the history of conversations.

Salesforce offers four types of licenses to suit the different requirements of its customers.

Chatter External – Allows you to create a user outside our email domain, usually people from an external company or customers. An account with this license has access to information and can interact with users who are in the group with them. They have access to profiles but cannot edit them. They do not have access to objects and data.

Chatter Free – This is a more extended form of a user account that allows you to access standard Chatter functions such as people, profiles, groups and files through the App Launcher without accessing objects and data. This user can be a moderator. We can assign a standard Salesforce license to a user with such a license.

Chatter Only (Chatter Plus) – This license allows access to selected data and objects to people who do not have a user account in our organization.

Lightning Platform Starter – This is an even more extended version of the Chatter Plus license, it allows you to access even more objects, data and functionalities in Salesforce.

If you would like to learn more about the license in the link I have included the link to the technical documentation click  

In our next publications, we will present you details on the possibilities and use of the functionalities offered by Chatter.

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